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The International Dark-Sky Association works to protect the night skies for present and future generations.

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World’s First Academic Center Dedicated to Dark Sky Studies

The world's first academic center specific to the issue of dark skies has been announced at The University of Utah. The Consortium for Dark Sky Studies (CDSS) will be "dedicated to discovering, developing, communicating and […] Read More

Marching for Science? Download IDA’s FREE Light Pollution Posters

International Dark Sky Week is bookended this year by two mass public events: the National March for Science, April 22 and the Peoples Climate Movement march, April 29. The March for Science has its focus […] Read More

Headlands IDSP Recognized with 2017 Pure Award

Congratulations to the International Dark Sky Park at the Headlands (Michigan, U.S.), which won the distinguished recognition of the state’s Pure Michigan campaign at the annual Pure Michigan Governor’s Conference on Tourism March 21, when […] Read More

Møn and Nyord Designated Scandinavia’s First IDA Dark Sky Places

Møn and Nyord Designated Scandinavia’s First IDA Dark Sky Places Image

IDA has announced the designation of the Danish islands of Møn and Nyord as Scandinavia's first International Dark Sky Park and International Dark Sky Community. The Dark Sky Park even has Gold Tier status. The IDA designations […] Read More


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