International Dark Sky Places

Stars over Big Bend National Park by Tyler Nordgren

   Interest in our International Dark Sky Places is on the
   rise.  Learn all about them here.>>

IDA offers lesson plans to aid in teaching light pollution issues. Currently three lesson plans are available for download.

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A searchlight disrupts the night sky




These programs are designed for use by educators. Please note that downloads will begin automatically in .pdf except for those marked PPT for PowerPoint. They are designed for use on both a PC and Mac, although, the PPT reader in Mac may distort the contents.

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Please read the curriculum first, then download the corresponding material.

Outdoor Activity Book

    This outdoor activity book is designed for the elementary age student.

We hope that this book will be used by parents, teachers, and astronomy clubs to teach children in fun and inventive ways about the beauty of the natural night sky.  The book can be downloaded for free from the link below.  It is designed to be used in color, but if that is not possible you are welcome to print it in black and white.

   If at anytime you would like to submit an addition to the book please email us from the contact tab at the top of the page. We are always interested in seeing what other groups are doing to teach the public about dark skies and light pollution. Thank you for your support of our organization.

    Click here for Outdoor Activity Book 

Lighting Lessons

   Introduction to Lighting (age 16 to adult)

Astronomy Lessons

Journey Through the Solar System (age 5-8)


Journey Through the Solar System (age 9-13)

Wildlife Lessons

Wild About Wildlife (age 5-8)


Wild About Wildlife (age 9-13)