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NPR’s WGCU Brings Florida Listeners to Big Cypress National Preserve Dark Sky Park

NPR’s WGCU Brings Florida Listeners to Big Cypress National Preserve Dark Sky Park Thumbnail

Jessica Meszaros, the host of All Things Considered for WGCU News in Southwest Florida, takes listeners to a star party at Big Cypress National Preserve, an International Dark Sky Park. The story includes interviews with… Read More

The Night Sky and You

The Night Sky and You Thumbnail

By: Dawn Davies, Public Advocacy Volunteer IDA Public Advocacy Volunteer and amateur astronomer, Dawn Davies, shares the hidden wonders of the night sky to engage our sense of wonder and inspire exploration of the night… Read More

International Dark Sky Week: 5 Ways to Support Dark Skies Right Now

The nighttime environment is a crucial natural resource for all life on Earth, but the glow of uncontrolled outdoor lighting has hidden the stars, radically changing the nighttime environment. International Dark Sky Week draws attention… Read More

LIMITED EDITION IDA Poster by Tyler Nordgren

Artist Tyler Nordgren, widely known for his classic images of the night sky and other wondrous landscapes, has generously created 100 limited edition, signed and uniquely numbered posters for 2017 International Dark Sky Week. This… Read More

SKYGLOW: Hunting the Dark

Pursued in collaboration with the International Dark-Sky Association, SKYGLOW explores the history and mythology of celestial observation and the Dark Sky Movement that’s fighting to reclaim the night skies.  There’s no such thing as a snapshot… Read More

Two Newly Named National Monument’s a Wonderful End-of-Year Gift to Us All

Two Newly Named National Monument’s a Wonderful End-of-Year Gift to Us All Thumbnail

IDA is ending 2016 with the wonderful news of President Obama’s designation of two new national monuments – one in Utah and one in Nevada – setting aside an additional 1.65 million acres into the… Read More

5 Dark Sky Highlights of 2016

5 Dark Sky Highlights of 2016 Thumbnail

1. Sixteen Dark Sky Places Announced Our International Dark Sky Places is having another great year! As of this writing, IDA has designated 16 new International Dark Sky Places in 2016. The new dark sky… Read More

“Saving the Desert’s Dark Skies”; A Sixth Grader’s Poem Defending the Night Skies

Stars and the Milky Way above a hillside of Saguaro cactus east of Peridot, Arizona.

Recently, IDA received an email with a poem written by Xander Clinkingbeard, a sixth grader in Tucson, AZ. Following a presentation he watched at the Arizona-Sonoran Desert Museum put on by Tucson’s IDA chapter members… Read More

7 Gift Ideas Inspired by the Night Sky

A picture of a starry sky with a holiday bow, like a present, and the wording "Gift ideas inspired by the night sky."

We know that finding the right holiday gift can be challenging, so here are some ideas for your dark-sky-loving friends and family. And of course, there are no rules stating you can’t treat yourself, too! 1. IDA… Read More

Get Your 2017 IDA Calendar!

Get Your 2017 IDA Calendar! Thumbnail

You Make a Difference Less than 100 years ago, everyone could look up and see a spectacular starry night sky. But not today … According to the “World Atlas of Artificial Night Sky Brightness,” 99… Read More