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Light Pollution Measure Passed by Washington State

The City of Seattle, Washington, skyline at night with the Space Needle in the foreground.

On Friday, March 26, Washington Gov. Jay Inslee signed a supplemental state transportation budget that includes what may well be the first ever mention of light pollution to make it into state code. The transportation budget may seem an odd… Read More

IDA Publishes in LED Professional magazine

IDA Publishes in LED Professional magazine Thumbnail

IDA is excited to announce the publication of our ‘special topic’ article “The Value of Dark Skies – About Environmentally Friendly Lighting” in the March/April issue of LED Professional magazine. We are always trying to reach industry… Read More

City Lights from Space

A satellite image of Las Vegas showing a sea of lights.

It’s no secret that city lights are brighter than starlight. Almost everyone, from amateur stargazers to professional astronomers, has experienced how hard it can be to see the stars when they are eclipsed by the… Read More

Little Penguins Waddling on the Dark Side

Little Penguins Waddling on the Dark Side Thumbnail

By guest writer Airam Rodríguez, a postdoctoral researcher at Phillip Island Nature Parks, Australia, and Estación Biológica de Doñana CSIC, Spain Visible light on Earth largely comes from the sun and varies daily, even at night… Read More

Lessons from the Retrofit Revolution

Lessons from the Retrofit Revolution Thumbnail

A recent news article draws attention to a new street lighting project just completed in downtown Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. This retrofit included replacing hundreds of high-pressure sodium lights with new, more energy-efficient, white LEDs. Philadelphia officials had good intentions in deploying… Read More

Night Sky Data to the People!

A satellite image of Berlin at night showing the difference between the lights of west and east Berlin.

New Citizen Science Project Lets Anyone Analyze Night Sky Brightness Data As streetlights the world over change from sodium lamps to LED, scientists wonder what this means for night skies. Because all cities don’t light the… Read More

Clouds and Aurora in a Natural Setting

Dark clouds with the aurora borealis lighting up the sky in gree, purple and orange over Glacier National Park in Montana, U.S.

By Guest Author Chris Kyba Ray Stinson recently shared these beautiful images of aurora and clouds with me. They were taken in Glacier National Park in Montana, U.S. The orange glow at the horizon in some… Read More

Help measure how the night sky is changing

Help measure how the night sky is changing Thumbnail

By Guest Author Chris Kyba On Saturday, September 12 2015, you can join thousands of people around the world in measuring how bright the night sky is where you live. The results from this experiment… Read More

Mapping Earth’s Night One Picture at a Time

NASA nighttime satellite photo of East and West Berlin, Germany, showing the difference in lighting.

Cities at Night is a citizen science project that invites the public to help analyze nighttime images taken from the International Space Station. This valuable information helps researchers better assess light pollution across the globe… Read More

Journal Provides Free Access to its Theme Issue on Artificial Light at Night

A NASA nighttime satellite image of the City of Paris showing a lot of light pollution.

  The academic journal Philosophical Transactions B is allowing free access through September to all articles published in its themed issue “The biological impacts of artificial light at night: from molecules to communities.” The biological… Read More