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The GLOBE at Night Campaigns are not far off and there's something new to look forward to this year. During the GLOBE at Night campaigns don't just collect sporadic data of light pollution. Gather information that is useful for the whole community! Organize friends, family, and anyone who wants to participate in the Adopt-A-Street program to create a map of light pollution in your own city. This can be used for a variety of applications such as informing your city and government officials, providing data for scientists and even students doing science fair projects, monitoring energy consumption in your city, and even  more!


Simply fill out a form on GLOBE at Night's Adopt-A-Street website and you're on your way to a light pollution mapped community.


The community to collect the most observations with reference to population will win a prize organized by the International Dark-Sky Association!


Keep an eye out for the announcement of 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place prizes for your city's participants here! Winners will also be recognized on our webpage.












1st Place Prize: Coming Soon!


2nd Place Prize: Coming Soon!


3rd Place Prize: Coming Soon!

In the image above, taken by Stephen Ironside from Ironside Photography, an University of Arkansas student makes observations of light pollution in downtown Fayetteville, AR.




Learn more about GLOBE at Night & sign up for Adopt-A-Street  


Tucson, shown below was the first city to participate GLOBE at Night's Adopt-A-Street Program.






Fayetteville, AR was the second city to participate in GLOBE at Night's Adopt-A-Street and recorded an astounding increase in participation from just a couple during each campaign to over a hundred total observations!