Dark Sky Development of Distinction

The Dark Sky Friendly Development of Distinction (DSDoD) Award is an award program through the IDA for small communities subdivisions, and developments that have promoted sensitive outdoor lighting in an effort to preserve their environment from unnecessary light at night, including but not limited to light trespass, glare, and skyglow. The award is designed to garner community support for environmentally responsible outdoor lighting. Additionally, a development that incorporates a quality night sky or designates a sensitive wildlife refuge will receive preference in the program.

The DSDoD has been designed to recognize subdivisions, master planned communities, and unincorporated townships whose planning actively promotes a more natural night sky but does not qualify for the International Dark Sky Community award.

Objectives of the award:

  • to identify developments* with exceptional commitment to and success in implementing the ideals of night sky preservation
  • to provide recognition for such developments
  • to promote the ideals of the International Dark-Sky Association by encouraging developments, and communities in which these developments are located, to identify natural night skies as a valuable asset and goal.

This award is strengthened by support from your local IDA Chapter. To find out if there's a Chapter in your area, click here>>

*Development in this case means any subdivision or master planned community, by one developer/builder or more, that is not in and of itself an incorporated municipality or that may otherwise be construed as a large scale "community." 

Application Process

  • Nomination by IDA member in good standing, with supporting signatures of at least two additional IDA members
  • Official supporting letter for nomination from a representative of the community where the development is planned
  • Support letter from HOA board (or similar)
  • Approval of the nomination by the local Section and IDA Staff


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Current Winners of the Dark Sky Friendly Development of Distinction

Harmony, Florida



Photography by Jim Richardson


For more information visit Harmony's Web site at www.harmonyfl.com.


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Sierra la Rana, Texas


Sierra La Rana Map


For more information visit Sierra la Rana's Web site at www.sierralarana.com.


View Attila Danko's Clear Sky Chart for Sierra la Rana>>