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Fixture Seal of Approval Application

Bulletin: The FSA program is not taking applications at this time. Due to reduced staffing, we currently do not have the technical expertise to review applications. We are in the process of hiring new staff and expect to be processing applications again in a few weeks. We apologize for the inconvenience.


Fixture Seal of Approval Criteria 2014

Fixtures must

  • Emit no light above 90 degrees (with the exclusion of incidental light reflecting from fixture housing, mounts or pole)
  • Have a listed correlated color temperature configuration of 3000K or below (see table below – ANSI C78.377)
  • Be mounted at 0 degrees with no tilt (tilted mounting angle voids compliance)

Application process

  • Submit photometric files for the highest lumen output at all available distribution types
  • Include spec sheets that distinguish which CCT configurations (3000K and below) are Dark-Sky Approved and submit images of the fixture
  • Pay an initial evaluation fee is $250 per product family (not per photometric file)
  • Approved vendors will also be charged an annual online database renewal fee of $25 for web maintenance and updates

Residential Products without Photometry

Fixtures must

  • Fully-shield the light source and emit no light above 90 degrees
  • Not have vertical glass or drop lens
  • Have a listed CCT configuration of 3000K or below, including the lamp, if sold separately (3220K actual measured value– ANSI C78.377).
  • Include product literature that specifies compliant lamp CCT configuration

Application process

  • Submit spec sheets, images and CAD drawings of fixture (If compliance cannot be determined from these materials, you may be asked to submit a physical sample.)
  • Pay an initial evaluation fee of $250


  • $250 evaluation fee per new fixture submission
  • $1000 fee for Dark Sky Device (e.g. lighting controls)
  • $25 fee per product listing renewal