Energy Waste

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Light pollution wastes energy and money

  • Lighting that emits too much light or shines when and where it is not needed is wasteful.
  • Wasting energy has huge economic and environmental consequences
  • Due to light pollution – wasted energy – millions of tons of carbon are pumped into our atmosphere every year. Light pollution increases greenhouse gas emissions, contributes to climate change, and renders us all the more energy dependent. 
 Credit: Jim Richardson

 Environmental responsibility requires energy efficiency and conservation

  • Installing quality outdoor lighting could cut energy use by 60–70 percent, save billions of dollars, and cut carbon emissions.
  • Outdoor lighting should be fully shielded and direct light down where it is needed, not into the sky.
  • Fully shielded fixtures can provide the same level of illumination on the ground as unshielded ones, but with less energy and cost.
  • And it’s not just outdoor lighting wasting energy, unnecessary indoor lighting – particularly those of empty office buildings at night – should be turned off.
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 Credit: Martin Nikolaj Bech

New lighting technologies can help conserve energy  

  • LEDs and Compact Fluorescents (CFL) can help reduce energy use and protect the environment; only warm-white bulbs should be used.
  • Dimmers, motion sensors and timers can help to reduce average illumination levels and save even more energy.
  • When lights aren’t needed, turn them off.

Quality lighting design reduces energy use and therefore energy dependence. It also reduces carbon emissions, saves money and allows us to enjoy the night sky. Watch a clip of the documentary The City Dark to learn how lighting design can reduce light pollution and also conserve energy.



Although Paris is known as the City of Lights, things are a little darker in France since the government decided to limit the use of streetlights. Watch the video.


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