Dark Sky Ambassadors

Dark Sky Ambassadors

IDA's Dark Sky Ambassadors speak out in support of dark skies and the International Dark Sky Association.

Our slate of Dark Sky Ambassadors:

Ian Cheney
Arthur C. Clarke
Geoffry Nokin
Bill Nye
Kevin Poe
Lucianne Walkowicz

The Planetary Society's Bill Nye speaks on the importance of dark skies.

Kevin Poe, "the Dark Ranger", is IDA's newest Dark Sky Ambassador. Kevin continues to create many short videos on the importance of dark skies and good/bad lighting. Be sure to check out his YouTube Channel.



In "Look Up for a Change", a talk given at TEDxPhoenix Lucianne Walkowicz explains the importance of preserving our dark night sky from the perils of light pollution and other lesser-known factors. In Lucianne's eyes, "Our night sky is a natural resource, it's like a park you can visit without ever having to travel there. But like any natural resource, if we don't protect it, if we don't preserve it and treasure it, it will slip away from us and be gone."



Geoffrey Notkin from the Science Channel's "Meteorite Men" speaking his support of IDA and dark skies.

Filmmaker Ian Cheney's award-winning documentary The City Dark explores the problems of light pollution. Watch the trailer below and buy the DVD from IDA.



IDA's first Dark Sky Ambassador: Science fiction writer Arthur C. Clarke