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Light Pollution Curricula

Let There be Night

By Penn Harris Madison School Corporation, Mishawaka, Indiana USA

A year-long multigrade project dedicated to awareness and modeling of light pollution.Truly innovative, a great resource!



By National Optical Astronomical Observatory (NOAO) & Schools in La Serena, Chile

Videoconference workshops for teachers and for students in Tucson, AZ, and La Serena, Chile. The teachers and students exchange methods and ideas about how to teach and learn about light and color, physics activities, light pollution monitoring, lunar eclipse activities and a remote sensing activity on the Earth and on Mars.


Sky Poetry

By Carl Sandburg Middle School, Alexandia, Virginia USA)

 writing exercise on viewing and describing the sky above; [could be modified to teach students about light pollution]

An activity for finding the Pleiades Cluster in the night sky





Independent Lesson Plans

Dark Sky Rangers

By Dark Skies Awareness & NOAO

Fun activities, lighting audits, and interactive demonstrations are just a part of this all-encompassing program to empower students of all ages explore the night sky and take back the stars. 


Night Lights

By Science NetLinks (American Association for the Advancement of Science & Marco Polo)
A lesson plan on cancer and light pollution, featuring an audio interview with a medical researcher
Activities for elementary students in grades K–3


Turn Out the Lights!  

By Harcourt School Publishers

Light pollution discussion and activities

 Apaga las luces! (en Espanol)

Publicado cerca Harcourt School Publishers

Discusin y actividades ligeras de la contaminacin


Stars in Your Back Yard 

By Flagstaff Dark Skies Coalition (FDSC) & Willow Bend Environmental Education Center

A booklet of activities exploring light pollution as it relates to astronomy, human vision, nocturnal wildlife, and mythology


Taking Care of Our Oceans

By Xpeditions (National Geographic & Marco Polo)

A lesson plan for grades K–2 on protecting the marine environment, incorporating sea turtles and light pollution


Too Bright at Night?

By Science NetLinks (American Association for the Advancement of Science & Marco Polo)

Reading and writing activity on light pollution for grades 6–8


Universe in the Classroom

Published by the Astronomical Society of the Pacific (ASP)

E-newsletter for educators who want to teach students of all ages more about the wonders of the universe through astronomy


Student projects



Paper Plate Education

By Sarah B., age 8

A simple yet effective light shielding demonstration



Three Projects on Light Pollution

Projects by Carter, Jessica, and Amie, 6th and 7th grades (Tucson, Arizona, USA)

Projects: Measuring sky glow, how light affects star viewing, and investigating light intensity.


The Sky Is the Limit

By Thea Canizo with Connie Walker, Tucson Unified School District (Tucson, Arizona, USA)

An international videoconference on light pollution surveys across hemispheres.