Set A1, the IDA Standard Slide Set


Set A1


The Earth at Night, as seen from space. Lots of interesting detail, and lots of wasted light. This image and the following two satellite views are available as posters, from IDA.
Slide Set D contains many other satellite images.


North America at Night. More detail, very good way to see the impacts of light pollution



Western Europe at Night. Note the different lighting policies in France from those in Belgium, Holland, and the UK. One also can easily see the oil fields in the North Sea and in northern Africa.



Los Angeles in 1908, as seen from Mt. Wilson Observatory. It was a small city then!



Los Angeles in 1988, as seen from Mt. Wilson. Population growth, lighting growth! Notice that we see a lot of direct light from the 'nearby' fixtures.



Night View from a city, showing the sky glow impact, and artist's rendering of what he saw.



Night view at a dark sky site, showing the difference at a dark sky site. Dramatic.



Glare from a walkway light. Is visibility helped by this light? Would one feel safe with this light? Could one do a better job with good lighting? What if there was drizzle as well?



“Dupont Circle in Washington DC,” from a hotel window on the fourth floor. Note the glare, note the overlighting at some locales on the ground and the lack of adequate light at other places, note all the wasted light (and energy). Does this lighting give one the impression of safety or security, either as a motorist or a pedestrian?



A 175 watt mercury vapor lamp in a poor lighting fixture = wasted light. It is the typical dusk-to-dawn "security" light, which causes lots of glare, light trespass, and energy waste.



Poor security lighting, using one of these 175 watt mercury fixtures. Bright areas near dark areas, lots of glare and light trespass. Poor visibility.



Almost a definition of light trespass, at an installation in San Francisco. Nearly the same amount of light at the top of the building as at the bottom. What if that was your house?



Ramp lighting at an airport. Lots of glare! Very ineffective lighting. Is this safe?



A billboard, seen from the side. Bottom lit. Lots of wasted light, lots of sky glow impact.



How is this for a good lighting design? Bureaucracy in action! Regulations say that the door must be lit, and also that there be a falling icicle guard. No regulations say that things have to make sense.



A full cut-off LPS lighting fixture, used for home security lighting. Improved security to the examples shown earlier, and an example of an installation using low wattage LPS fixtures



A typical full-cut off lighting fixture, as used for street lighting. Cobra head luminaire, with the light output controlled by a reflector rather than a dropped glass refractor. No glare.



A Tucson street Scene, illustrating the good street lighting, using luminaires like in the previous slide. One can see some bad lighting examples too



Another type of full cutoff fixture. Here it is used for a major shopping center parking lot. No glare, no light trespass to bother neighbors, no wasted light. The poles are high, so light gets between cars. A safe, effective, efficient, good design. Everyone wins.



Decorative ("antique") lighting example from Paris. It is a full cutoff lighting fixture.