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Photograph © Guillaume Poulin

IDA was founded in 1988, by Dr. David L. Crawford and colleague Dr. Tim Hunter, to address the growing problem of light pollution.  
IDA incorporated in 1988 as a tax-exempt non-profit organization operating exclusively for educational and scientific purposes under Section 501(c)(3) of the United States Internal Revenue Code of 1987 (Federal Identification Number 74-2493011). As such, IDA lawfully solicits donations and applies for grants in order to maintain the organization and further its mission.
IDA operates under a set of formal bylaws that were established at the time of incorporation. These bylaws were revised in February 1989, September 1990, December 2005, and September 2006.

 As the leading organization combating light pollution worldwide, IDA celebrated its 20th Anniversary  in 2008.  Over the past twenty years, IDA has grown from two members and volunteers, to a membership of over 11,000 and full time staff.  In leading the fight against light pollution, IDA has published a number of articles and helpful guides and a quarterly newsletter highlighting the leading topics in dark sky preservation.  This is in addition to award winning and highly popular meetings and events plus a number of programs and features, such as the Fixture Seal of Approval Program (FSA) or the International Dark Sky Communities (IDSC), Parks (IDSP), and Reserves (IDSR) Programs.