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This page lists past IDA activities that no longer appear on the home page. Entries are arranged in chronological order. 

For additional information on IDA, please see our Press Releases page and our IDA in the News page. More information on the dark sky movement, articles on light pollution, and articles on IDA can be found on the eNews page, which backlogs a compilation of articles documenting the fight to save the night all over the globe.

This 19-minute video by student filmmakers Jerry Rock-Archer and Laura Sargisson highlights the protection of the night sky over the Aoraki Mackenzie International Dark Sky Reserve on the South Island of New Zealand. Watch it now

IDA announced the designation of Pic du Midi International Dark Sky Reserve over the Pyrénées Mountains. Read the Press Release>>

GLOBE at Night Sets Dates for 2014 Campaigns. Check out Globe at Night to find observations dates for 2014 and explore the last 8 years of data with their cool interactive map.

IDA announced the designation of the first International Dark Sky Place in France. In naming the Pic du Midi International Dark Sky Reserve, IDA is pleased to recognize the immense local efforts to preserve and protect the exceptionally dark night skies over the Pyrénées Mountains. Read the Press Release>>

The December 2013 issue of Men's Journal featured a nine-page article on light pollution. Read "How Light Pollution is Stealing the Night Sky."

The IDA’s 2013 Annual General Meeting advocates discuss night sky preservation. Details Here >>>

IDA Board Member, Kelly Beatty, was interviewed on Slashdot Read More >>

The 34,000-acre Chaco Culture National Historical Park has been designated  International Dark Sky Park. Read more >>

Christopher Kyba, a member of the IDA Board of Directors, has successfully crowdsourced a citizen science project (Skyglow Berlin Project) for kids in Berlin. Read More in English and see the project home page (in German)

The International Dark-Sky Association became the recipient of a grant from the Uwingu Fund in support of the new IDA- program Save Our Stars. Read the IDA Press Release >>

Arizona Illustrated covers light pollution with 2 TV stories. Watch their broadcast from December 16
and their shorter report Light, Color Affect Life All Around.

Malibu Community Alliance hosts an event to save the stars... Read More>>

New Outdoor Lighting Ordinance for Goochland County Virginia Read More>>

Losing the Dark - a Short Public Service Announcement on Light Pollution Read More >>

‘UFO’ street light plan shelved amid eye-damage claim Read More >>

Purchase Paul Bogard's "The End of Night" here >>

Purchase Laurent Laveder's collection of astrophotography here >>

"The City Dark" nominated for Emmy See it here >>

Student treks to raise funds for IDA. Find out more and donate. >>

Light Pollution and NASA: Combating the "Dark Side" of Light. Read more >>

Author touts efforts to cut urban glare, reclaim beauty of starry skies Read more >>

"The End of Night" Interview. Hear it >>

Endangered Sea Turtles Flee Light Pollution.

Dark Skies -- Good for Fireflies and People Alike. Read more >>

Sea turtle ordinance OK'd.

Authorities Cracking Down on Turtle Friendly Lighting. See more >>

Volunteers form human wall to guide baby turtles to sea. Read more >>

Breast cancer risks higher for women on night shift. Read more >>

You, the Perseids, and the Anza-Borrego Desert.

International Earth & Sky Photo 2013 Contest Winners Announced Read More >>

Committee puts lighting ordinance on fast track in Malibu Read More >>

New Mexican Law Protects Sea Turtles

Geauga Park District looks to boost Observatory Park's growing popularity Read More >>

Knockengorroch World Ceilidh - A Festival under the Stars! Read More >>

Michigan Timelapse Video by Shawn Malone, 'North Country Dreamland,' Shows Upper Peninsula's Beauty Read More >>

In Pictures: Northumberland park's night sky beauty

Local man shoots for the stars with his camera Read More >>

IDA Recognizes France & ANPCEN for New Lighting Curfew Law Read More >>

"The End of Night" by Paul Bogard available for pre-order through IDA website Pre-order Today >>

Loss of the Night light pollution app available for Android Download it >>

Dark Sky Meter light pollution app available for iOS Download it >>

IDA PSA "Losing the Dark" available in English, German, French, Spanish, Korean, Hindi, and Polish Watch or Download it >>

Proposed ordinance will minimize artificial lighting to aid sea turtles Read More >>

New LED Streetlight Design Curbs Light Pollution

Stargazers to gather for Tekapo festival

Glimmer of hope as dark skies allow more to see the stars Read More >>

National Park Service News Release -Look Up, Wonder Awaits. Every night in a national park

Help translate "Losing the Dark."Crowdfunding campaignto raise awareness.

Bright peaks--Alps starry skies in danger due to unprecedented light pollutionRead More >>

Bright Nights: Light Pollution is Bad for the Planet, and your HealthRead More >>

Twinkle, Twinkle Little Stars, We all Wonder where you AreRead More >>

Hong Kong's light pollution problem among world's worst

Observatory inctive due to light pollution

Earth Hour 2013 Pictures: Before and After, National GeographicRead More >>

South Downs National Park bids for dark sky reserve statusRead More >>

Scenic America recently filed a lawsuit in federal court seeking to stop digital billboard blight. Show your support bysigning their petition

France has taken steps to save energy and reduce light pollution.Details here >>

Proceedings of the Third International Starlight Conference now available for purchaseDetails Here >>

Losing the Dark: A Video About Light Pollution

Northumberland Park Aims for Dark Sky Reserve status

Losing the Dark PSA on YouTube

Arificial Light at Night 2013 Conference Call for Papers Read More >>

NPR: Turning it Down: Cities Combat Light Pollution By Going DimRead More >>

GLOBE at Night 2013 Third Campaign

Brecon Beacons National Park Wins Dark Sky Status

Professional Lighting Design Convention

Supreme Court Decision Major Setback for Billboard Companies.

New Earth at Night images reveal global light pollution problem.Read more >>

The list of IDA's Dark Sky Ambassadors is growing. Visit ourDark Sky Ambassador pageto see who they are and what they have to say about light pollution and the night sky.

The outdoor Model Lighting Ordinance is now available in French. Find it on our MLO pagehere >>

Support IDA by Sign up and each search can donate a penny to IDA.  

Mary Crawford (1940 - 2012)

Die Nacht wird immer heller(German) and The night is getting brighter (English translation). Also,audio interview in German with IDA Executive Director Bob Parks 

New Partners for Smart Growth Conference, 7-9 February 2013 in Kansas City, MO.

The International Dark-Sky Association is proud to support theProfessional Lighting Design Convention 30 October - 2 November, 2013 in Copenhagen

Noche Zero light pollution conference on Chilean TV. Click here to watch >>

"Light Pollution Theory, Modelling and Measurements" will take place at Smolenice, Slovak Republic 15-18 April 2013. Visit the website >>

The American Medical Association adopted a report on light pollution written by their Council for Science and Public Health. Read the executive summary and the full report here. >>

12th European Symposium for the Protection of the Night Sky 13-15 September 2012. Visit the website >> 

New Zealand’s Aoraki Mackenzie Named World’s Largest International Dark Sky Reserve.Read the IDA Press Release >>

NamibRand Nature Reserve  named as Africa's first International Dark Sky Reserve.Read IDA Press Release >>

The City Dark, the award-winning documentary on light pollution, had its television broadcast premiere on PBS Thursday July 5th.

Third International Starlight Conference was 11-13 June, 2012.Details here >>

Find screenings of The City Dark. Details here >>

Big Bend National Park named as International Dark Sky Park. Read IDA Press Release. 

This E-petition in support of dark skies in the U.K. could use your support. Read and sign here >> 

Homer Glen, Illinois Becomes World's Fourth International Dark Sky Community Read IDA Press Release >>

Bird-Friendly Development Handbook The American Bird Conservancy announces the release of Bird-friendly Building Design, a comprehensive guide to bird-safe construction for individuals, architects and contractors. Download Bird-Friendly Building Design >>

City Lights and Urban Air   Read more from Nature Geoscience

Celestial Compass Obscured by Urban Light Pollution for Some Nocturnal Animals  Read more from Science Daily

BioBlitz starcount in National Geographic Newswatch The GLOBE at Night program coordinated a Tucson-wide night sky inventory during the 2011 National Geographic BioBlitz in Saguaro National Park. Read more >>

Dimming the lights 
This thoughtful editorial looks at towns where public lighting has been dimmed, removed, or shut off and finds no increased crime to date. Read article >>

IDA "led the effort to measure the impact of light on the park units" with NOAO and the NPS Night Sky Team About 70 volunteers carried Sky Quality Meters and took repeated measurements at regular intervals to measure the impact of light pollution during the first night of the National Geographic-sponsored BioBlitz on 21-22 October. Read "How Dark is Dark?"

Exmoor National Park becomes Europe's first (world's second) International Dark Sky Reserve Read more from BBC News >>

Looking to the stars: Remembering IDA Board member Christopher W. Walker Read more>>

Two local Grade 9 students win international poster competition Read More>>

Light Pollution & Night Sky Friendly Alternatives  Read article>>

Borrego leads dark-sky movement Read article >>

Texas legislators pass HB2857 to protect skies surrounding McDonald ObservatoryRead more >>

Galloway Dark Sky Park 'helps insects' Buglife reports The UK's first Dark Sky Park an example of how invertebrates could be protected from harm caused by artificial light. Read more >>

Read study from Buglife >>


IDA to Host Booth at GreenBuild Expo(10-13 November)

The International Dark-Sky Association (IDA) will answer questions on light pollution at booth T-1 at GreenBuild Expo in Phoenix, AZ. Read more >>

IDA Congressional Briefings Illuminate Outdoor Lighting Choices  

(13-14 July) The International Dark-Sky Association (IDA) conducted informational briefings for the U.S. House of Representatives and Senate, respectively. This year, topics included the possible impacts of current legislation. Both briefings were well attended by legislators and Congressional aides. Read more >>

Celebrate Galilean Nights: 22-24 October

Spread over three nights, astronomers will share their knowledge and enthusiasm for space by encouraging as many people as possible to look through a telescope at our planetary neighbors. 

Read the IYA press release >>

Look for events near you!

EnergyStar to Adopt Full Shielding Criteria for Outdoor LED Products (08 October, 2009) 

A report released by the U.S. Department of Energy specified that LED exterior lighting fixtures must emit no light above 90 degrees to receive EnergyStar certification. Adoption of criteria that limits uplight for the growing field of LED fixtures will significantly reduce sky glow and curtail energy waste.  

All wall mount, pole top and pole mounted outdoor LED fixtures wishing to earn an EnergyStar designation must adhere to this criteria. When asked specifically about nostalgia and antique luminaires, Jason Tuenge of the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory affirmed that the fully shielded design applies to them as well, and that “acorn” type products could not be certified if any light were emitted above 90 degrees.

This proposal will go under final review, receiving official declaration in 4 to 6 weeks, according to Richard Karney, director of the program for the DOE.  If the proposal becomes law, this timely action on LED design is a powerful victory for dark sky preservation and restoration. See Department of Energy presentation >>

White House Will Host Star Party on 07 October (07 October)
On the evening of Wednesday, 07 Octo /advanced/langs/en.js"> ber 2009, President Barack Obama and the First Lady will host a star gazing event for middle school students at the White House. Read More >>

IDA Press Release: Blue Light Threatens Animals and People(08 October)

The rapidly expanding use of bluish-white outdoor lighting threatens visibility at night and jeopardizes the nocturnal environment worldwide. Read more >>

Read article by Brian Owen in LEDs Magazine >>

Germany Sweeps the IDA Europe Awards

Dr. Andreas Hanel wins the prestigious Galileo Award and dial4light wins the Outdoor Lighting Award at the 9th European Symposium for the Protection of the Night Sky in Armagh, Ireland.  Read more>> 

IAU Resolution In Defense of the Night Sky(13 August)

The members of the International Astronomical Union (IAU) voted unanimously to approve a resolution in defense of the night sky and the right to starlight. 

The initiators of the resolution were the IAU Executive Working Group, the International Year of Astronomy 2009 Cornerstone Project Dark Skies Awareness Working Group, the members of the Starlight Declaration, and the IAU Division XII/Commission 50 Working Group on Controlling Light Pollution.Read the Resolution >>

Regione Veneto in Italy approves a law promoting no upward-directed light! (17 August) 

The introduction of this new law in a region where there was already a less effective law is of paramount importance, because politicians understood that the way to prevent light pollution evolved in the years since the old law’s approval. What seemed a small upward light percentage (3%) then, is now clear that it produces far more pollution than strictly necessary. Read more >>

Borrego Springs, California, USA Declared Second International Dark Sky Community (31 July)

IDSC certification recognizes Borrego Springs’ exceptional commitment to dark sky protection and restoration throughout the community. Borrego Springs has long been a haven for star gazers, both professional and amateur. Rated by USA Today as one of the top ten stargazing locations in the nation, the community prides itself on its dedication to the whole desert experience.Read press release >>

Sierra La Rana, Texas, USA is Designated a Dark Sky Development of Distinction (20 July)

The Dark Sky Development of Distinction Award is a new award designated by IDA to promote subdivisions, master planned communities, and unincorporated townships whose planning actively promotes a more natural night sky but does not qualify for the International Dark Sky Community (IDSCommunity) award. Located in the Big Bend Region of Texas, Sierra La Rana has used the region's naturally clear skies as a focal point for tourist activities and the creation of a strong lighting policy. Read more >

Welsh Assembly Supports Dark Skies (17 July)

Wales, UK released an official statement acknowledging light pollution as affecting quality of life. Read the whole statement >> 

New Hampshire Dark Skies Legislation Signed into Law (15 July)

NH Governor John Lynch signed HB-585 into law. According to the AP article, "The policy encourages municipalities to enact local ordinances and regulations to conserve energy from outdoor lighting, to minimize light pollution and glare, and to preserve dark skies as a rural feature." Read more >>

IDA Holds Second Round of Congressional Briefings (13 & 14 July)

IDA held its second series of Congressional briefings in July 2009.
Experts from an array of disciplines presented the latest information on outdoor lighting to legislators and policymakers. Learn more >>

Annual Business Meeting Held at IDA Headquarters (30 June)

For the first time in our history, IDA hosted the meeting as a Webinar. Topics addressed at the meeting included: budget FY 2008, IDA activities, accomplishments, and goals FY 2008, Treasurer's Report 2008 and addressed questions submitted via email. Meeting proceedings were recorded, and are available as separate sheets here >>

New Lighting Standards Proposed(29 June)

The White House announces new standards for residential and commercial lighting. Read more >>

Book Release: L'Inquinamento Luminoso (Light Pollution)by Mario DiSora
Stampato in Italiano- Printed in Italian
MarioDiSora, International Astronomical Union Vice President and the leader of IDA Italy, is a decorated expert on light pollution. Order your copy today >>

International Dark-Sky Association Launches Project to Monitor Night Skies (17 June)

IDA, with help from a grant from the National Science Foundation, is conducting the world’s first systematic effort to measure light pollution. The project, “SKYMONITOR: A Network to Monitor the State of the Night Sky at Dark Sky Sites,” will construct approximately 25 durable, automated Night Sky Brightness Monitors (NSBM). These autonomous, solar-powered devices automatically record sky glow levels at regular intervals throughout the night.  Read press release >>

American Medical Association Officially Supports Reduction of Light Pollution (16 June)

The American Medical Association officially supports of energy efficient outdoor lighting technology into official AMA policy by unanimously adopting the  following resolutions:

RESOLVED That our AMA advocate that all future outdoor lighting be of energy efficient designs to reduce waste of energy and production of greenhouse gasses that result from this wasted energy use, and be it further
RESOLVED That our AMA develop and enact a policy that supports light pollution reduction efforts and glare reduction efforts at both the national and state levels; and be it further
RESOLVED That our AMA support that all future streetlights will be of a fully shielded design or similar non-glare design to improve the safety of our roadways for all, but especially vision impaired and older drivers.

Read the original document >>

This resolution is a monumental step toward IDA's goals of a natural sky.

Dr. Mario Motta, Massachusetts Medical Society President and member of the AMA Council of Science and Public Health, explains some reasons behind this resolution and its implications in an article for Sky and Telescope. Read "U.S. Physicians Join Light Pollution Fight" >>

J. Kelly Beatty, IDA Board Member and Sky and Telescope editor is honored with the 2009 Jonathan Eberhard Planetary Sciences Journalism Award! (26 May)

Given by the Division of Planetary Sciences of the American Astronomical Society, this award recognizes and stimulates distinguished popular writing on planetary sciences. Read his latest story from Sky and Telescope, "Dark Skies 15,300, Light Pollution 0" >> 

IDA Cultivation Event in Los Altos Hills, California (21 May)

A Starlight Affair:  IDA hosted a cosmic discussion of light pollution, its implications, and its solutions. 

IDA Releases New Logo Design (18 March)

IDA is proud to announce the adoption of a compelling new look.More about the design >>

Office Open in Washington, DC, USA(02 March)

On 2 March, IDA established an official presence in Washington, DC. Read about this exciting new development in the Satellite Offices tab under the About IDA header >>

IDA Releases Draft Version of Model Lighting Ordinance with the Illuminating Engineering Society (09 February)

The breakthroughs of the MLO include:

  • A single ordinance that can be used in every community with little or no community-specific language through the use of five (5) Lighting Zones of differing stringencies that tailor the MLO to address local needs and preferences
  • A prescriptive system for regulating most common lighting installations using a new rating system called BUG (Backlight-Uplight-Glare) that prevents excessive lighting and permits easy plan review and field inspection: Read the BUG system here.
  • A computer analysis option for complex lighting installations applies the latest research findings with respect to glare, skyglow, and light trespass and restricts designs to appropriate limits of off-site impact

The MLO was open to review and public comment through 20 April, 2009. Comments have been collected and the MLO draft is under revision. Details available as they occur. Learn more >>

IYA Podcast by IDA for 365 Days of Astronomy (02 February)

Listen to the IDA Podcast on "Educational Outreach Activities and Materials for Dark Skies Awareness"




Bipartisan Letter from the U.S. House of Representatives Supports Dark Skies

August 4, 2008: Eleven members of the 

U.S. House of Representatives request action on light pollution from the EPA. Read the press release here >>

Read the letter here >>

CPTED Liaison: (11-13 June, 2008) IDA hosts National Institute of Crime Prevention's Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED) Basic Training.

IDA Outreach by Technical Advisor Pete Strasser: (April, 2008) Tens of thousands reached by contribution of featured article, "Dark Sky Lighting: Simple but Effective," published in the April 2008 issue of Landscape Architect and Specifier News

State of Illinois Supports the Darkening of Homer Glen: (26 March, 2008) Lt. Governor Pat Quinn joins representatives from the International Dark-Sky Association and the World Wildlife Fund to commend the Village of Homer Glen for passing a groundbreaking dark-sky ordinance, Chicago, IL. Read press release >>

IDA Wins SASIE Award as Inspiring Enterprise in Use of Technology: (07 March, 2008) IDA tapped for Best Use of Technology at 2008 SASIE Award presentation. Read press release >>

IDA Encourages GLOBE at Night Participation: (06 February, 2008) February 25th through March 8th join thousands of students, families, and citizen scientists on a star hunt. Take part in the international GLOBE at Night event to observe the nighttime sky and learn more about light pollution around the world. Read press release >>

IDA Endorses Greenbuild: (January, 2008) IDA invites USGBC GreenBuild attendees to take part in the protection of the nightscape. Read the e-mail >>

United Kingdom IDA Members Respond to the Royal Commission on Environmental Pollution: (January 2008) Martin Morgan-Taylor and Bob Mizon, both of the Campaign for Dark Skies and IDA, reply to the Royal Commission on Environmental Pollution's invitation to submit information for its next short study, Artificial Light in the Environment. View submitted material >