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The International Dark-Sky Association works to protect the night skies for present and future generations.

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Kanab, Utah Preserves View of the Stars with Outdoor Lighting Ordinance

On June 26, 2018, after a two-year citizen-led effort, the Kanab City Council enacted an outdoor lighting ordinance to protect the natural darkness that makes Kane County, Utah, a great place to see stars. Residents […] Read More

International Dark-Sky Association Establishes Ohio Chapter

The International Dark-Sky Association welcomes a new chapter in Ohio U.S. to support efforts that protect the nighttime environment from light pollution across the state of Ohio.  Light pollution–defined as the inappropriate use of artificial […] Read More

GreaterSkies: Committed to Excellence and to IDA

GreaterSkies: Committed to Excellence and to IDA Image

Founded in 2006 by Juan Reyero, GreaterSkies is a small, international company that produces personalized star maps. Juan says that he has always had an interest in astronomy, and that he started making star maps […] Read More

“The Father of Modern Space Art” Inspired a Lifelong Love of Night Skies

“The Father of Modern Space Art” Inspired a Lifelong Love of Night Skies Image

As a young boy, IDA member John Mosley vividly recalls being mesmerized by the oversized paintings of distant worlds by Chesley Bonestell in Life Magazine’s “The World We Live In.” Bonestell, “the father of modern […] Read More


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