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Become a DarkSky Advocate

We’re the volunteers powering a global movement to protect dark skies!

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DarkSky Advocates

Thousands of volunteer DarkSky Advocates make up the global movement against light pollution. Advocates use their specialties, skills, and passions to advocate for night sky protection in their communities and beyond.

DarkSky Delegates

Delegates are Advocates who have agreed to be a local point of contact for others seeking to get involved or learn more about night sky protection. Delegates have added responsibilities and are the go-to mentors and authorities for their regions.

”Finding the Advocate Network made all the difference in the world to me. It is amazing how many people worldwide are working to rid the globe of poor lighting.”

–Eileen Kragie, DarkSky Advocate, U.S.A.

Become a DarkSky Advocate

The DarkSky Advocates Network is a global community united in its efforts to protect the night from light pollution. Check out the work of some of our Advocates, and join us! Anyone, anywhere can be a DarkSky Advocate!

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Just for Advocates:

  • Entry to our global communication platform (using Slack), where we share successes, tactics, and advice
  • Invitation to exclusive monthly trainings on various aspects of light pollution and dark sky conservation
  • Access to exclusive Advocate resources

Some things Advocates do:

  • Advocating for local lighting ordinances
  • Getting municipal support for better outdoor lighting
  • Seeking local media coverage
  • Leading night walks
  • Measuring night sky brightness
  • Partnering with other organizations
  • Reaching out to educators
  • Organizing local events
  • Tabling at events

How to join:

  1. Fill out the form on this page
  2. Join our Slack Advocate Network (linked in your email confirmation)
  3. We’ll get in touch!

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Become a DarkSky Delegate

Take a step up from Advocate and help others who want to get involved in the action. As a DarkSky Delegate, you are the local contact on the ground in your region — the face of the movement to protect dark skies.

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