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DarkSky International restores the nighttime environment and protects communities from the harmful effects of light pollution through outreach, advocacy, and conservation.

What is light pollution?

Light pollution is the human-made alteration of outdoor light levels from those occurring naturally.

What are the effects?

Light pollution disrupts wildlife, impacts human health, wastes money and energy, contributes to climate change, and blocks our view of the universe.

Photo illustration of a person on a hill at night overlooking bright city lights.
Photo illustration of people using a laser pointer to point out star constellations in the sky at night.

What can be done about light pollution?

Following responsible lighting practices, passing dark sky friendly legislation, and advancing scientific research in this field are just some of the ways light pollution can be solved. You can get involved too!

What we do

Conserving Dark Sky Places around the world

Our International Dark Sky Places program works with communities, parks, municipalities, and the public to certify and protect dark places for humans and wildlife alike.

Vibrant colorful sunset with starry skies, and silhouette of an observatory dome in the foreground.
Mont Mégantic, Canada. Credit: Rémi Boucher
What we do

Certifying dark sky friendly outdoor lighting

Our DarkSky Approved program works with communities, manufacturers, retailers, designers, and others to evaluate and certify dark sky friendly outdoor lighting equipment, as well as dark sky friendly outdoor lighting projects.

A workman in a hardhat, up high in a bucket truck, replaces a streetlight.
Streetlights being retrofitted with LEDs in Portland, OR, U.S.
People discussing outdoor lighting issues at a meeting.
WHat We Do

Public policy

We work with communities and governments to prioritize night sky protection and quality outdoor lighting.

WHat We Do

Education and outreach

We network globally to share information and expertise, and support local efforts though our volunteer Advocates.

WHat We Do

And more…

We collaborate widely, present a global conference for the dark sky movement, and award stellar exemplars.

Illustration of a globe with people icons and symbols swirling around.
Get Involved

Chapters near you

Our 60+ international chapters are at the forefront of the dark sky movement. Want to get involved? Find your local chapter:

Some of our partners

Our efforts are multiplied by many valuable partnerships around the world.