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International Dark-Sky Association
3223 North First Ave.
Tucson, AZ 85719
Phone: (520) 293-3198
Fax: (520) 293-3192

Do you have a question?

Please check out our FAQs page. A quick answer may be just seconds a way. For other questions or inquires, refer to the information below to determine the appropriate person to contact or call.

J. Scott Feierabend, Executive Director: email or (520) 293-3198 x405
Scott can help answer inquires about IDA’s organizational operations, funding opportunities, board and governance matters, becoming a major donor, corporate sponsorships, IDA financials, and collaborating with other organizations.

John Barentine, Program Manager: email or (520) 293-3198 x412
John can help you with questions about our International Dark-Sky Places and Parks and Protected Areas programs, lighting legislation and public policy.

Cheryl Ann Bishop, Communications and Public Affairs Director: email or (520) 293-3198 x408
Cheryl Ann can answer general media inquiries, questions about our publications and online presence and public outreach opportunities.

Susan Ciarniello, Membership Director: email or (520) 293-3198 x401
Susan can help with updating your current membership information, donations, our membership database, payments, credit card transactions and payments by phone, the IDA Annual General Meeting, and requests for brochures, rack cards, and traveling pop-up displays.

Ginger Cross, Webmaster: email
If you have a general question concerning the website or any problems, please email Ginger.

Nightscape newsletter: email or (520) 293-3198 x408
Email us if you have comments, suggestions or ideas regarding our newsletter Nightscape.

Other: email or (520) 293-3198
Not sure who to contact? Give us a call or send an email to our general IDA inbox.

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