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Dark Sky Park Bulbjerg

A warm glow sunset over the ocean and costal cliffs.
The stars come out over Bulbjerg Dark Sky Park
 Credit: Katharina Fossgreen


Located in the Thy region along the North Sea’s shores in northwestern Denmark, Dark Sky Park Bulbjerg occupies a stunning expanse encompassing the areas of Bulbjerg-Troldsting-Lild Strand, spanning 12.54 square kilometers. The Danish Nature Agency manages the protected area of the park and borders Thy National Park, known as “Denmark’s greatest wilderness.” The region has diverse wildlife and fauna, including migratory birds like the black-legged kittiwake and fulmar.

Situated northward on the globe as part of Scandinavia, Dark Sky Park Bulbjerg offers breathtaking views of moonlit skies, stars, and the Milky Way and occasional displays of the Northern Lights. From late April to early August, visitors can witness the enchanting Nordic White Nights, characterized by short yet intensely naturally bright nights, a captivating contrast to the usual dark skies.

For this certification, all public street lighting in Lild Strand was retrofitted to follow the 5 Principles for Responsible Outdoor Lighting, featuring shielded, downward-directed, and warm-hued lighting. As such, the development group under the Hawboernes Forening incorporated Dark Sky Park Bulbjerg as a focus of their Master Plan Lidstrand (2018-2025). Additionally, the development projects in Lildstrand, initiated by Hawboernes Forening, were the subject of a research study resulting in the publication of a peer-reviewed article in the Journal of Rural Studies titled Lildstrand – A coalition for “small tourism” in a marginal place: Configuring a geo-social position.” 

This award results from years of local advocacy and hard work of the Hawboernes Association in Lild Strand and their partners, including the Thisted Municipality, the Danish Nature Agency, the National Test Center for Wind Turbines, and Aarhus University. Outreach and education programs are routinely offered to engage the community and visitors. This title will enhance understanding of the importance of nocturnal darkness for nature, humanity, and the environment, serving as a guiding light for more dark sky places in Scandinavia and beyond.

Covering seafronts, dune heaths, and dune forests, the Bulbjerg-Troldsting-Lildstrand Dark Sky Park offers visitors opportunities for recreation, such as wildlife observation, photography, and hiking. Its isolated yet easily accessible location in northwest Thy makes it an ideal year-round destination.




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