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IDA’s Response to the COVID-19 Pandemic

The International Dark-Sky Association is concerned about the worldwide impact caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. We mourn the suffering we’ve seen around the world and we acknowledge the loss faced by the worldwide community. We acknowledge the anxiety caused by questions about what will come next. This has also been a time for us to witness how the night, and its star-filled sky, can be a source of comfort, unity, and inspiration for our worldwide community. 

The values that drive our actions are front-of-mind as we deal with this pandemic. They are passion, credibility, relationships, consensus, inclusion, nonpartisanship, and celebration. 

In the coming weeks, we commit to maintaining our passion for the night and its star-filled sky. We will follow the evidence and strive for consensus in our decision-making process. We will rely on our relationships to find solutions that work for our global community. We will remain inclusive, ensuring that our work to protect the night sky as a global heritage for every person is reasonably accessible. We will not allow partisanship to influence our decisions. And we will remain positive and focused on the wonders of the night as a source of inspiration and celebration. 

Specific actions IDA is taking:
The safety of our staff and community is our main priority. With this in mind, we have taken action to: 

  • Move Staff to Remote Offices
    IDA is well-positioned to serve the worldwide dark sky community remotely. IDA staff remains responsive and engaged with our work, and are doing so remotely.
  • Suspend Group Activities for all Programs Through May 11
    We have notified all program volunteers, including International Dark Sky Places, Chapters and advocates to suspend group activities [Memorandum: Temporary Suspension of Group Outreach Activities for Advocates and International Dark Sky Places (PDF)]. 
  • Provide Digital Resources to Engage with the Night
    Our work doesn’t stop. And while connecting with one another under a star-filled sky is one of the many benefits of our work, we recognize that there are other ways to enjoy the night, connect with family, and engage with fellow advocates. These can all happen from behind a window or a backyard, from a computer screen, or a printed workbook.

Stay Connected
If you don’t already follow us on social media, please join our worldwide dark sky community. Find us at @idadarksky on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram, where we will provide a daily source of inspiration and beauty. 

Share your tips!
How are you engaging the night? Share you and your family’s favorite nighttime engagement activities with us. Email [email protected].

We are proud to stand with you – the global dark sky community. We wish you good health, safety, and nights filled with stars.