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Nine Reasons to Support IDA’s 2017 Matching Gifts Challenge

Our annual Matching Gifts Challenge is underway with a goal to raise $140,000 to protect the night sky. If you’ve considered making a contribution, you’re not alone! Check out these inspiring nine people just like you who are committed to IDA’s mission to protect and restore the night sky. Please help us protect the night. Make a contribution before August 11 to have your donation doubled, dollar for dollar by a generous pool of donors. 


Help Us Protect the Night



IDA Co-Founder, Tim Hunter
Co-Founder Tim Hunter shares his hope of restoring urban and suburban skies. “The challenge is daunting,” he says, “but the solution is within our reach.” 


IDA Board Member, Kellie Pendoley
An environmental scientist, marine turtle biologist, and IDA board member, Kellie shares her passion for protecting newly hatched marine turtles from the disorienting effects of artificial light, and her belief that “all living things on earth need and deserve a dark sky.” 


Executive Director, Scott Feierabend
Scott talks about the loss of the night sky around the world and our work in protecting this important natural resource.



Associate Director of Philanthropy, Keith Ashley
Keith shares the origins of his appreciation for the night; becoming enamored with a pair of barred owls and the magic of the night. 


IDA Volunteer, Sriram Murali
Sriram Murali is the creator of the award-winning video, Lost in Light, and a passionate advocate for IDA. Listen to a story from his childhood about the night, identity, and our place in the world.


IDA Communications Volunteer, Lauren Scorzafava
Lauren shares how she became aware of the night sky as a resource worth protecting.  


IDA Social Media Volunteer, Paras Pirzada
Paras shares a heart-warming appeal for the night. 


Wildlife Biologist, Dash Feierabend
Many animals are adapted to living their lives in the dark and they’re not able to flip an evolutionary switch whenever we flip on a light switch.


Graphic Artist, Kerem Asfuroglu
Kerem shares his graphic meditation on what light pollution means for progress.