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Night Skies in Arizona and Beyond

Night Skies in Arizona and Beyond Thumbnail

Arizona resident, Mike Powell, recently wrote a column for the Paris Review describing dark skies in Arizona. Powell describes the unique harshness of the desert sun and the surprising dark nights Arizonan's have been able to [...]

Flagstaff AZ Images at Night Show Success with Years of Dark Sky Advocacy Thumbnail

New images taken by the National Park Service of Flagstaff, Arizona show the years of dedicated dark sky advocacy and restrictions has been a success. The aim for the images was to better understand the…
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Press Release: Protecting Dark Skies for Astronomy and Life Thumbnail

Below is the Press Release that was released on January 6th by the Lowell Observatory and National Optical Astronomy Observatory. John Barentine, IDA's Program Manager, participated in the AAS Workshop in Grapevine, TX. JOINT PRESS…
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Judge Ruled Against City of Monterey Over LED Conversion Thumbnail

Recently, a judge ruled against the city of Monterey, stating they violated the California Environmental Quality Act and the Brown Act when they began their LED streetlight conversion in 2009. A group of Monterey residents calling…
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Enjoying Dark Skies with Kids!

Enjoying Dark Skies with Kids! Thumbnail

Participating in dark sky activities gives kids first-hand, meaningful experiences that help them understand the obstacles we face in protecting our dark skies. Creating fun opportunities engages and empowers the decision makers of tomorrow. Below is…
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Contact Your Elected Official to Fight Against Blue-Rich LED Street Lighting Thumbnail

Many cities across the globe are replacing their older street lights with newer LED technology. Specifically, with the blue-rich white LED (light-emitting diode) lighting. While many praise the LED conversions as a money saving and…
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Two Newly Named National Monument’s a Wonderful End-of-Year Gift to Us All Thumbnail

IDA is ending 2016 with the wonderful news of President Obama's designation of two new national monuments - one in Utah and one in Nevada - setting aside an additional 1.65 million acres into the…
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Call to Action! Contact Chicago’s Administration to Demand a Responsible Outdoor Lighting Plan Thumbnail

IDA's Executive Director, Scott Feierabend has sent an urgent letter to Chicago's Mayor, Rahm Emanuel's regarding the proposed outdoor lighting plan. This letter urges Emanuel and his Administration to choose a safe, responsible outdoor lighting…
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IDA’s 2016 Annual General Meeting in Review Thumbnail

On December 3, 2016, we hosted our Annual General Meeting at the Aloft hotel in Tucson, AZ. Our theme, “Harnessing the Power of the Grassroots to Reduce Light Pollution and its Environmental Impacts Worldwide,” describes…
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Quadrantids Will be Nature’s Fireworks to Start 2017 Off Right Thumbnail

2017 is set to start off in a spectacular fashion on January 4th with nature's "fireworks" display of the Quadrantids. The Quadrantids meteor shower is anticipated to best be seen from the Northern Hemisphere where…
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Why is Blue Light at Night Bad?

Why is Blue Light at Night Bad? Thumbnail

The Harvard Health Publications article, "Blue light has a dark side," describes artificial lighting that emits the blue color spectrum light throws off the body's circadian rhythm off balance. While not all colors have the same negative…
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